How can I extend the range of my hotspot?

Answer: Extend your hotspot's coverage area by using a wireless repeater.
This guide explains how to extend the range of a Chillifire Hotspot with one or more repeaters. Repeaters do just as they name suggest repeat the wireless signal of the main router, thus increasing the coverage area of the hotspot. More than one repeater can be connected to one hotspot. Connection can be wireless or wired. Repeaters can themselves be connected to repeaters, as long as no circular chain is created and as long as there is a path from each repeater to the main hotspot router.

Use case: This guide describes a scenario with one main hotspot router running the Chillifire hotspot firmware and one repeater running the Chillifire repeater firmware.

Prerequisites: We assume you have installed the Chillifire firmware of version 12.x or later on the main router and the repeater and the hotspot is running fine both routers.

The detailed installation instructions can be found in this tutorial.

Exclusion: This guide is not valid for Linksys WRT54GL, WRT54G, WRT54GS, Asus WL5xx, or D-Link DIR320 routers running ChilliWRT firmware version 10.03 or earlier. For those devices please Submit a Request

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