How can I assign the LAN ports of the router to the Hotspot?

By default the LAN ports of router are not controlled by the hotspot after you installed the Chillifire firmware. That means devices connecting via ethernet cable to the router will have free and unfettered access to the Internet. In some cases the hotspot operator may have a preference to make also the LAN ports controlled by the firmware. This note describes how the router configuration has to be changed to extend the hotspot to the LAN ports.

In the Chillifire Firmware the LAN interface stands for the free access to the internet - not controlled by the hotspot. The WIFI interface in contrast stand for the hotspot controlled internet access.

As you can see in the default configuration the wireless network with the name (SSID) of Chillifire_Network is assigned to the hotspot, the wireless network with the name (SSID) of Private_Network allows free internet access (protected by an encryption key of course to prevent unauthorized bypassing of the hotspot).

Equally the LAN ports are assigned by default to the LAN network, therefore allowing free access to the Internet on the LAN port.

The images below show where in the firmware these settings are made:


If we want to change that assignment and make the LAN port hotspot controlled we need to change the assignment of these ports to the LAN and WIFI interfaces:

1. Un-tick the eth0 interface assignment to LAN. Press the Save button in the bottom right corner (Do NOT press 'Save & Apply')

2. Tick the eth0 interface assignment to WIFI. Press the 'Save & Apply' button in the bottom right corner.

3. Wait a couple of minutes for the router to process the change.

4. Reboot the router. Done

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