How much is it to become a partner? Is it a one time fee?

To become a Chillifire partner requires the one-time payment of US$200. This fee covers your Chillifire account and all related sub-accounts.
Partnering will give you access to all available Chillifire functions including changing the page color scheme, replacing the logo, replacing the footer information and even the meta tag information included in the site. 
You will also be able to run your hotpsot using your own domain, i.e. replacing with Please note that the domain replacement also require a valid publicly signed SSL certificate (typically US$70 p.a.) and an IP4 address from our hoster (US$10 p.a.), which are not covered by the one time partnering fee.
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    HS Atos

    Dear support ,

    We Need to Know what would be the cost associated to manage Multiple Hotspots
    We were referring to procuring chillifire partner features clause

    "To become a Chillifire partner requires the one-time payment of US$200. This fee covers your Chillifire account and all related sub-accounts."

    How many individual Hotspots / routers can be managed using this access

    If we are looking at creating of a network of a few hundred hotspots being managed by a centralised portal ... will single portal be able to manage it

    Do we also have the option of hosting the services on our own server ?

    Let us know


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