How can I supply a disconnected hotspot customer with a replacement free user?

First thing to do is create a replacement manual user or single voucher with reference to a free access plan. 

Next issue is how to communicate a replacement user to a hotspot customer; email is obviously out of the question.

For free access hotspots or hotspots with guest access we recommend you add the field to the online registration screen that optionally allows hotspot users to enter a Contact Phone Number during registration. So if the Hotspot system goes down for a lengthy time period there is a way to contact the user. If the customer is disconnected from email contact via SMS text message is a cost effective and efficient way to go. 

Request for contact phone number can currently be switched of SMS based password delivery for vouchers, guest access and free-access hotspots. Mobile phone numbers are not asked for in a pay-per-use scenario. It is too likely to put people off a purchase. Users of the internet do not like to give more information about themselves than they have to, so asking for a mobile phone number 'just in case there is an issue' is not a good idea. It might even raise unfounded questions about the reliability of the service.
However, you can turn on requesting a mobile phone number in the support form. The you are not asking for the information in case' but with the express goal to provide support ( or a replacement voucher/user) via SMS text message. This can be switched on in your account control screen in the control panel.
You can create free-access controls on Pay-per-Use hotspots and issue vouchers for the free-access controls. Free access plans are available to pay-per-use hotspots as a premium feature. You can issue these free vouchers to your customers as you see fit once premium features have been activated. You can issue up to 10 per month per hotspot. The limit is there to avoid abuse.

Free-access controls are create in the control panel under Control->Free Access. Make sure the Free access control is permitted as vouchers during the setup. You can issue vouchers in the control panel under Users->Order Vouchers and create manual users under User->Manual Users

You can use the mobile phone number you received through the support contact to SMS a voucher username and password.
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