Can I run the hotspot using my own domain name rather than

The following steps are optional and only required if you wish to replace our domain the login pages run on with your own domain, say,

1. You need to decide on a domain that you want your hotspots to use, for example and the create a publicly signed SSL certificate for that domain to be installed on our web servers. Before creating one request a csr (certificate signing request) file from us, which is required to create a relevant crt (certificate) file. If you do not have a certificate yet, you can purchase certificates for ~USD70 p.a. or less from providers like and others.

2. We will send you an subscription invoice of USD10 p.a. for purchase of an IP address to install the certificate on our servers. This is a straight pass-through costs that we have to pay our hosting service provider for an additional IP address.

3. We install the certificate and the additional IP address on the our webserver closest to your location.

4. We will advise you of the IP address your domain runs on on our server and you will create a DNS A record pointing your domain, say, to the IP address of our server. This information tells your customer's browser's on which server in the world to look for the relevant hotspot login page.

5. These DNS entries take 24-48 hours to propagate through the Internet. After that has happened all you need to do is update the firmware settings on your router to point to the login page, i.e. .

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