Ubiquti AirOs based Hotspots

This firmware can be used on all Ubiquiti M series devices and other devices using AirOs version 5.5.x or earlier. Later AirOs firmware versions may block the installation of third party firmware through the AirOS WebGUI. In that case you can use the TFTP method described on the Ubiquiti Wiki.

This firmware is based on Ubiquiti's own AirOs, with a hotspot and remote maintenance VPN connection built into it. The advantage of this firmware is the superior wireless drivers that are finetuned to support the Ubiquiti wireless capabilities to the maximum.

Downside of the AirOs firmware compared to our own firmware, ChilliWRT, is that it does not provide the capability to set up multiple virtual WLANs; there is only one SSID possible per device.


AirOs based Firmware:  Download Firmware


Installation Tutorial:

1. Connect to the Ubiquiti device on; you may have to set your computer's Ethernet port to a fixed IP address in the same subnet, such as

2. Go to System tab, click on Upgrades, select the file you downloaded above, and press upgrade. Wait 10 minutes.

3. The router should reboot. Once rebooted you can connect to the router normally on, user ubnt, password ubnt - we have not changed these Ubiquiti defaults.

4. You can only switch on the router, when it is connected to the Internet. To connect the router connect it via Ethernet cable to a modem or router that provides full internet access and reboot. On one port devices you would not be connected to the router anymore as the one Ethernet port on the device is defined as the WAN interface; that is the interface through which the router expects connection to the Internet.

5. You can connect to the device either through the Chillifire control panel or alternatively by connecting your computer to the same router or modem the Ubiquiti device is connected to. The Ubiquiti device would accept an IP address through DHCP; the router/modem would be able to tell you which IP address the Ubiquiti device has received. Use that IP address to connect to the Ubiquiti router from your computer.

6. Click on the hotspot tab, enable the hotspot, select the region you are located in for best performance, and instruct the device to bring up the hotspot on boot. Press Save. Then press Apply; after 15 seconds the router is operable again. If in doubt reboot the router.

7. Other settings are optional, but should be familiar from our normal OpenWRT based ChilliWRT Firmware or be self-explanatory. They are certainly optional only.

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