How can install a content filter to block inappropriate content?

In this tutorial we explain how to link your hotspot running our ChilliWRT firmware to a content filter service. This is particularly useful in free access hotspot scenarios. We will use the free OpenDNS service as an example.

1) Connect to the Internet through the hotspot router, preferably the 'Private Network' SSID or an Ethernet port that is not hotspot controlled.

2) Log into the hotspot firmware, IP address by default.

3) Go to Hotspot-> Hotspot Configuration->Advanced settings and change the Hotspot DNS settings as shown. Then click on Save & Apply. Reboot the Router to be sure.

4) Create a free OpenDNS account for personal use on

5) Log into your account and go to 'Settings'. Confirm your IP address and assign your IP address to your account. If no IP address is proposed, this means the hotspot has not yet connected to OpenDNS.

6) Next select the relevant network the hotspot is assigned to and got to Settings->Web Content Filtering. Choose Filtering Level 'High' and Apply the new Settings. Wait for 3 minutes for the changes to be propagated through the OpenDNS servers.

7) Now connect with a device to the Hotspot and login with a valid user. Now try open domain You will be redirected to a OpenDNS blocking page.

8) You can customise the content filter at any stage. You can also blacklist individual domains.

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